QuikCall Wireless Audio System 無線接收語音設備

The QuikCall™ wireless audio system consists of RF (radio frequency) transmitters and receivers with integrated audio player.
It is typically used to make pre-recorded PA announcements with wireless push buttons (RF transmitters).


  • Emergency Alerts
  • Factory Equipment Fault Alerts
  • Supermarket Assistance
  • Hospital Calling System
  • Cashier Queueing System
  • Museum Audio Guides

Available Models

  • RFV-1000rR RF receiver with audio player
  • RF-100 Desktop 1-button RF transmitter
  • RF-101 Hand-held 1-button RF transmitter
  • RF-104 Hand-held 4-button RF transmitter




Factory Equipment Fault Alerts

工廠的設備有很多是部署在無人的機房, 而設備的異常往往只是單調的閃燈, 稍不注意而無法及時修正, 便會造成重大經濟損失, QuikCall 可與設備異常訊號連接, 形成一個可靠的設備監控器, 當有異常訊號產生, QuikCall 的無線發射器會及時的傳送訊號到接收器並播放出該設備異常的語音訊息.

Cashier / Custom Queueing

當一排隊伍在等待通關或結帳時, 空閒的櫃台員再也不需要呼喊, 只要輕輕按下QuikCall 發射按鈕, 即可通知下一個顧客到該櫃台, 而顧客的眼睛也不必一直注意櫃台的状況. 只要聽到呼叫再過去通關/結帳即可.

Supermarket Assistance button

將 QuikCall 發射按鈕置於適當位置, 可做為產品介紹, 促銷或呼叫賣場人員幫忙. 發射按鈕也可安裝於收銀台旁, 當收銀台缺少零錢、產品損壞、需要授權等突情況,收銀員可以按呼叫器尋求主管幫忙.


Call Button

  • RF transmitter for RFV-1000R
  • RF Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Transmitter Address Selections: 16 (to match Receiver)
  • Triggering Mechanism: built-in push button (1 or 4) or external inputs (opto-isolated)
  • Power Supply: battery or DC adaptor

Receiver with Audio Player

  • Audio player with RF receiver for RF-100/101/104
  • RF Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Receiver Address Selections: 16 (to match Call Button)
  • Sound File Support: MP3
  • Memory Card Type: SD/MicroSD up to 32GB
  • Playback Modes: direct, priority, binary
  • Max. Number of Messages: 4 (direct & priority mode), 64 (binary mode)
  • Audio Output: class D amplifier 15W x 2 (stereo)